Nutri-Lawn is always looking for talented and skilled inviduals to join the team!

Thom Bourne, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Thom Bourne, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Thom is the Founder and Owner of Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for 29 years.

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Ottawa |  Brilliant Personalities Needed

Our staff works all year round.   We have five service lines to keep you busy while earning great money.  Send us your resume if you think you would be a good fit for our team!

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Our people are highly trained to become experts in lawn care management and fully represent the Nutri-Lawn brand and its values.

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Nutri-Lawn is a lawn care company that was built on the pillars of innovation and proven reputation. Our customers use us every year because we deliver on our promise to nourish a lawn to health.